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Central Mail - Resources


Faculty and Staff Resources

On-Campus Mail

  • Mail that is sent from department to department can be put into a campus envelope.
  • Place the envelope in the departments drop-off box; it is picked up daily.
  • Don’t forget to include the person’s name and their department on the envelope.
  • No Stamps are necessary.

Off-Campus University Mail

Two ways to send mail:

  1. For mail to be sent off-campus, the mail can be placed at the departments drop-off box with a stamp.
  2. If you don’t use a stamp, you need to reference your departments FOAPAL or four digit accounting code where it can be billed.
  • If mail pieces need sealed you should nest them together with the flaps up and all facing the same direction
  • Group international mail pieces separately
  • Make sure your department name is on each mail piece for a return address

Central Mailing does not charge for metering outgoing business mail; all departments are charged for the actual postage only.

  • For business purpose only.
  • Personal pre-stamped mail may be left in the department drop-off box or dropped off at the Student Center Post Office.

Express/Overnight Mail

Small parcels

  • Using outside vendors to deliver Express/Overnight mail (FedEx, DHL, USPS, UPS), Central Mailing can pick these items up on a regularly scheduled route from the designated areas in each department. All mail needs to be completely prepared with the complete mailing address, your departments billing information and a phone number for the recipient.

Large parcels

  • These items can be left in the designated drop box areas located all over campus and are picked up daily in the afternoon (pick up schedule)
  • If the afternoon pick up is missed, you can call Central Mailing at 765-285-8429 and request a courier BEFORE 3:00PM.






Supplies for mailings

Upon request, Central Mailing will deliver the following materials to your department within the next business day on the scheduled route. Please call 765-285-8429.

  • mail trays-for letter size mail pieces mail
  • mail tubs-for flat size mail pieces